Quality, Food Safety and Control

It is our responsibility that raw food and production processes result in high and homogeneous quality so that our customers never doubt the quality and food safety of our products.

High quality throughout the value chain 

We make high demands to our suppliers and other business partners based on an honest and open dialogue. We also expect a lot of our employees and continuously make sure that they are offered relevant education and generally develop their skills. 
Based on our customers' demands and our own visions we adapt and develop our quality system continuously. For us it is crucial that the quality and safety throughout the entire value chain is good - from the day-old chicken till the finished product is in counter.
The company is IFC certified. 

Safe Eggs

Food safety is our priority - in all our products.
Shell egg safety is a key concern for us.
Finland, Sweden, and Denmark all apply a zero-tolerance policy on salmonella, and Denmark has the world’s strictest control measures in relation to salmonella. Therefore, at DAVA Foods we are proud that Danish eggs are among the world's safest eggs and we work daily to keep it that way. 
Denmark is one of the most regulating countries within EU. In EU it is a legal requirement to test for salmonella every fiftheenth week, where in Demmark it is every second week. At DAVA Foods we test the hens weekly for salmonella. 
Therefore, Danish egg are almost free of the salmonella bacteria. It means Danish eggs have a special status in EU because the outbreaks of salmonella are so few and due to we are subject to the world's most strict salmonella control programme. 
Zero-tolerance salmonella policy
  • Salmonella vaccination is not allowed 
  • Salmonella testing every week 
  • Testing for all types of salmonella (2.100 different types)
  • Test in hatcheries with each batch of chickens
  • Test in the feed production
The hen can risk to be exposed to environmental impacts making the eggs hazardous to human health. The impacts are difficult to measure, especially because in two of the production forms the hen are outdoor. Therefore, DAVA Foods has chosen to do internal inspection regarding dioxin. The shell egg and the liquids are analyzed twice a year. This is, together with the additional control in the value chain, used to ensure the food safety.

Farm to table

One of the corner stones in DAVA Foods's business strategy is our 'Farm to Table' concept. We control and ensure a high quality through out all links in the value chains.
High quality and safe feed is essential for an efficient production and high food safety.


As an extra procaution, every egg has a code that tells where the egg is produced. 

Firstly, the code shows which production type it is. Secondly, it shows country of origin and, finally, the producer's register number. 
For an example: 0DK12345
0 = organic production
1 = free range production
2 = barn egg production 
3 = cage egg production 
DK/FI/SE/EE = country of origin 
12345 = the farmer's number