Eggs and Environment 

Eggs are among the animal food that have the lowest carbon emission. 
Eggs are a more environmental-friendly choice when it comes to food from animals. Eggs have a lower carbon emission than other animal food due to the feed convertion rate which is high, meaning the egg laying hens convert the feed they eat efficiently to eggs. The emission from eggs are around two kilos carbon per kilo produced egg. 
So do you wish to eat protein from animals but still eat in according to environment, eggs are one of the better candidates. 

Carbon footprint from animal protein 

Eggs 2,0
Chicken meat 3,2
Pork 4,6
Beef 13,9
Lamb 21,4
Cod fillet 2,8
Milk 1,0
The Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark has a report about the food's environmental impact from farm to table which you can find here (the article is only accesible in Danish). 

DAVA Foods and environmental-friendly eggs

At DAVA Foods we work toward producing eggs without carbon emission. Read more about our sustainable goal with eggs.