Protein shakes

DAVA Foods offers different protein drinks with or without flavor: our whiteTM concept.

whiteTM is egg white drink with flavour, among others, strawberry and chocolate. It has a high level of protein; 22 g per bottle and contains no lactose. 

whitePROTM is pure egg white with a neutral flavour. The product contain 10,5 g protein per 100 g egg white and is without lactose, fat and sugar. The product is extra special, because it is heat-treated and can be stored at room temperature. 

Both products are made of egg whites of the highest quality and has a liquid consistency. whiteTM is sold in 220 ml bottles and whitePROTM is sold in both 220 ml bottles and 1 kg bottles.

If you want to know more about the products and/or have questions about them, you are welcome to contact your local sales office
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860303 - DAVA Organic Mayonnaise 3 kg

DAVA Organic Mayonnaise 3 kg

Item no. 860303